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Conserving Indigenous Knowledge Systems, World views, Cultural & Linguistic traditions and Cosmologies of different indigenous communities.

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  1. TO FOSTER the development of Sustainable Knowledge Societies, especially through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

  2. TO UNDERTAKE research in different aspects of Culture in order to protect, promote and document indigenous knowledge systems, world views, linguistic traditions and cosmologies of the different indigenous communities.

  3. TO FACILITATE capacity building for the knowledge societies, including enhancing communication and life skills for employability.

  4. TO COLLABORATE AND DEVELOP networks of individuals and organizations in state, market and civil society spheres for supporting the development of knowledge societies. Through creation of an environment where all levels of development processes interact with indigenous knowledges under their own cultural conditions.

Home: Welcome


Your Institute of Knowledge Societies Resource Center

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Given the impact of pandemic on the lives of marginalized masses and  migrants, this festival will bring together diverse voices from various parts of India and celebrate the poetry of Odisha and the World as well.  It will also provide a platform for some insightful discussions on Framing the Marginalized in Poetry & challenges of reimagining the post-Covid world. More than 70 poets & writers from India and the World are participating in the festival.

When: 9th & 10th January 2021

Where: Online, on Google Meet

Pile Of Books
  • IKS has published a book, “Repositioning Folklore and Indigenous Knowledge Systems”.

  • IKS will endeavor to launch an International e-Journal dedicated to Indigenous Studies and Knowledge Systems.

  • IKS will bring out various publications on Indigenous Cultures, Languages and Sustainable Livelihoods and its interface with mainstream.



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Film Reels


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Conference Room
  • IKS organizes an Annual festival of poetry of resistance in the beautiful Chandrabhaga beach in Konark. This is called the "Chandrabhaga Poetry Festival" and is attended by poets of national and internal repute.

  • IKS organized the Indian Folklore Congress at Parlakhemundi, Odisha in collaboration with CUTM, in February 2015 where about hundred scholars of National and International repute participated.

  • IKS organized a seminar on Tribal Cultures and Odia in February 2015 in collaboration with the Institute of Odia Studies.

  • IKS organized an international conference on “Narativising Indigeneity” in February 2016 at its Paralakhemundi, Odisha in collaboration with CUTM.

  • In February 2017, IKS, in collaboration with the Asian Centre for Religion and Social Communications, Bangkok, organized an International Conference on “Religion in Digital Asia” at Bhubaneswar.

Old Documents


  • IKS has published a collection of Saura Folk Tales with each story being illustrated by Saura paintings

  • IKS has a collection of paintings of indigenous peoples of Odisha

  • IKS is engaged in Documentation and collection of languishing arts and crafts of Odisha

Implementation Planning


  • IKS intends to develop an indigenous "Artists-in-Residence" programme where indigenous artists from different parts of the world would come together to product collaborative art projects.

  • IKS intends to offer a platform for collaborations between all institutions working in the area of indigenous language and culture in odisha through GIS mapping.


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