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9th January 2021

"Harvesting Sonnets and Sunflowers": 4:30 pm to 5:45 pm 


1. Anamika Anu

Anamika Anu is writer and translator. Her poems got published in reputed and important magazines like Hans, Vagarth and Samkaleen Bhartiys Sahitya among the others. She was awarded “Bharat Bhushan Award-2020” for Hindi poetry.

2. Sreetanwi Chakraborty

 Sreetanwi Chakraborty is an Assistant Professor in Amity Institute of English Studies and Research, Amity University Kolkata. She is the Chief Editor of a bilingual journal Litinfinite. She is a bilingual writer, penned The Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up: A Feminist Interpretation of Fairy Tales that received the ‘rising star’ award in the non-fiction category in New Town Book Fair:2019.


3. Salma

Salma or Rajathi Rokkiah, is a writer of Tamil fiction and poetry, and also a social activist.With two volumes of poetry – “Oru Maalaiyum Innoru Maalaiyum” and “Pacchai Devadai” - and a novel- all of which have been translated to several languages, Salma has made her mark as a distinctive literary voice in Indian literature.


4. Priya Sarukkai

Priya Sarukkai Chabria is an Indian poet and novelist writing in English and the author of Not Springtime Yet and Andal: The Autobiography of a Goddess. She is the editor of poetry at Sangam

5. Sukrita Paul Kumar

A noted poet and critic, Sukrita Paul Kumar has published several collections of poetry, translations and critical books that include Narrating Partition, Ismat: Her Life , Her Times, The New Story, Dream Catcher and many others.

6. Savita Singh

Recipient of Hindi Academy Award, Raza Award and Mahadevi Varma Award for poetry, Savita Singh is an eminent poet, short story writer and a reputed political theorist writing. She has a bilingual collection of poems, Rowing Together (Hindi and English).

7. Anita Bharti

Anita Bharti is a prominent poet, writer, critic, and activist for Dalit and women's rights who has been in the forefront in bringing Dalit women's perspective into Hindi literature. She is the editor of Yathastithi se Takraate Hue Dalit Stree Jeewan se Judi Kavitaayein, a collection of work by sixty-five poets on the lives of Dalit women and the challenges they face. Her Samakaleen Nariwaad aur Dalit Stree ka Pratirodh offers a valuable appraisal and critique of contemporary feminism and the Dalit women's position.   Her awards include the 1994 Radhakrishnan Teacher Award, the 2007 Indira Gandhi teacher award in 2007, the 2008 Delhi State Teacher's Honor, the 2015 Savitribai Phule Award from the Ramikaika Foundation, and 2016 Savitribai Phule Honors from Women’s Journal.


8. Ipsita Sarangi

A leading  voice of contemporary Odia poetry, a  critic and translator ; has five collections of poetry, two translated poetry collections,and a collection of critical essays on contemporary Odia poetry. Recipient of State Youth Award, prestigious Utkal Mani Yuva Prativa Samman 2017 and many other awards.Teaches English at Niali College,  Cuttack


Moderator: Srishtee Sethi

“Cicadas in the Sun”: French Poetry 5:45 pm to 6:45 pm

1. Phillipe Aigran

Philippe Aigrain writes poetry, fiction and non-fiction. His poems revisits classical forms and explore new semantic constraints. They are inhabited by the links between mind and body, humans and the physical and plant worlds, and the thrill of the senses on the verge of love.

2.Guilhem Fabre

Guilhem Fabre is a poet, ans sinologist. He has translated Chinese classical poetry (Instants Eternels, Ed. La Différence, 2014), Liu Hongbin’s contemporary poetry (A day within days, Ed. Albertine 2008) and published a few books at Editions Phloème, Telling the Great Fear (2017), Entre chien et loup (2018).

3. Alice Baude

Alice Baude is a 25-year-old poet, writer and visual artist. Her work is at the crossroads of arts and language. She is the author of several books and has already received several awards for her writing work. Phloème has published Miniatures with ephemeral doors and Foreign land, land returned.

4. Delia Morris

After fifteen years in the teaching profession in England and several years as joint director of a “primitive” art gallery in London, she worked with an international music firm in France. She also chooses to translate poets, especially for Phloème Publishing House.

5.Jean-Marc Barrier

Jean-Marc Barrier is 68 years old, he lives in the south of France. He likes writing poems, drawing and making photographies, and conceiving editorial projects. He leads a writing workshop and animates a monthly radio program about poetry. He leads two book collections. Six books have been published in France.



6. Lara Dopff

Lara Dopff is a natural poet, a poet by nature and a poet of nature. After having studied and practiced Dramatic Arts in France and Quebec and having completed a Master of Creative Writing, she founded a publishing house, Phloème. She devotes her time to wandering and writing about wandering

7. Yves Ouallet

Yves Ouallet is a researcher-teacher, between Literature, Philosophy, History. He tried to think about the worlds, from the upstream of physics to the downstream of ethics, by questioning the Universe and the human species. He now tries to live as wandering poet and wondering philosopher, crossing the Earth, languages, thoughts.


Moderator: Guilhem Fabre

“Winter Gypsy Songs": 6:45 pm to 8 pm

1.Asiya Zahoor

Asiya Zahoor hails from Baramulla, in the north of Kashmir where she teaches literature at a college. Asiya's film , "The Stitch" has won  the critics award for Best Short  at the South Asian Film Festival and has been screened at several festivas. Asiya  has  written books and articles on migration, religion and  psycholinguistics, Caribbean and Kashmiri literature.Her latest book,  Serpents Under my Veil is a collection of poems. Asiya was recently awarded the Sanford Taylor fellowship by the University Cornell. Her website  attempts to document languages and literatures of Kashmir.


2. Prabal Kumar Basu

Prabal Kumar Basu is an important poet in post independent Bengali literature. Has 19 volumes of poetry , 2 short story collections and 3 volumes of essays. Recipient of State Akademi award and other awards. Edited  SIGNPOSTS an anthology of Bengali poetry since independence in English translation. Participated in various international poetry festivals. Editor of noted Bengali magazine 'Yapanchitra '.Translated in various Indian and International languages. 

3. Semeen Ali

Semeen Ali is a published poet. Her works have featured in several journals as well as anthologies. She has co-edited three anthologies of poetry that have been published nationally and internationally. Apart from reviewing books for prestigious journals, she is also the Fiction and the Poetry editor for Muse India.

4. Anjali Purohit

A writer, poet, translator, curator and painter, Anjali is the author of Ragi-Ragini: Chronicles from Aji’s Kitchen (Yoda Press, 2012) and Go Talk to the River: the Ovis of Bahinabai Choudhuri (Yoda Press, 2019). Anjali is the founder and curator of  The Cappuccino Adda (formerly Cappuccino Readings). 

5. Sarabjeet Garcha

Sarabjeet Garcha is a bilingual poet and an editor, translator, and publisher. He is the author of four books of poems—including A Clock in the Far Past and a collection in Hindi—besides a volume each of translated poetry and translated prose. He received a fellowship in Hindi literature (2013-14) from the Ministry of Culture of India, and his work has appeared in several online and print journals. He is  the chief editor of a publishing company and  also the co-founder and editorial director of Copper Coin, a multilingual publishing enterprise.

6. Kamal Vora

Kamal Vora (1950) has published three collections of poems titled Arav (1991), AnekEk (2012) and Vrudhdhshatak (2015) and two more are due for publication. All the three have received prestigious awards including AnekEk receiving the Sahitya Akademi, Delhi award for the year 2016. He has also translates poems from other languages into Gujarati.He co-edits a prestigious quarterly journal ETAD.

7. Keki Daruwalla

Keki Nasserwanji Daruwalla was born in Lahore in January, 1937. After taking his master’s degree in English Literature from Punjab University he joined the Indian Police Service. His first book of poems Under Orion was published in 1970 and his Apparition in April published in 1971 won the Uttar Pradesh State Award in 1972. His third book Crossing of Rivers was published by the Oxford University Press in 1976. His poems figure in a number of anthologies and he has himself edited an anthology of modern Indian poetry under the title Two Decades of Indian Poetry in English — 1960 – 1980. He won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1984.

Moderator: Nishant Sharma

"Wandering Across Borders": 8 pm to 9 pm

1. Usha Akella

Usha Akella has authored nine books inclusive of poetry, prose and musical drama. Her last book was published by the Sahitya Akademi followed by a bi-lingual version published by Mantis Editores Press, Mexico. Her newest book is upcoming from Spinifex Press, Australia. She graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2018. She is the founder of Matwaala (, a collective and festival to promote the visibility of South Asian poets. She hosts, a website of interviews.


2. Yuyutsu Sharma

Recipient of fellowships and grants from The Rockefeller Foundation, Ireland Literature Exchange, Trubar Foundation, Slovenia, The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature and The Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature, Yuyutsu Sharma is a world renowned Himalayan poet and translator.He has published ten poetry collections. Half the year, he travels and reads all over the world and conducts Creative Writing workshops at various universities in North America and Europe but goes trekking in the Himalayas when back home.Currently, Yuyutsu Sharma edits, Pratik: A Quarterly Magazine of Contemporary Writing.

3. Sarita Jenamani

Sarita Jenamani is an Austria based poet of Indian origin, a literary translator, anthologist, editor of a bilingual magazine for migrant literature – Words & Worlds – a human rights activist, a feminist and general secretary of PEN International’s Austrian chapter.  She has so far been published in three collections of poetry. English is the chief medium of her creative process. The other two languages she writes in are; Odia, her mother tongue and German. She has translated Rose Ausländer, a leading Austrian poet, Rilke, and an anthology of contemporary Austrian Poetry from German into Hindi and Odia respectively. She has received many literary fellowships in Germany and Austria including those from the prestigious organizations of ‘Heinrich Böll Foundation’ and ‘Künstlerdorf Schöppingen.

4. Ammar Aziz

Ammar Aziz is a poet and filmmaker from Lahore. His poetry has been published in Poetry at Sangam, Wild Court, Muse India, Dhaka Tribune, Narrow Road, FemAsia Magazine, Ghost City Review, among others, and is forthcoming in several anthologies. His multi-award winning films have been screened in over a hundred countries at major film festivals. His poems often use personal narratives and fictional interventions in memories to examine spaces, bodies, objects and mythologies. 

5. Sophia Naz

Author of three collections of poetry, bilingual poet, essayist, author, editor and translator, Sophia Naz has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize. Her work appears in numerous literary journals. Shehnaz, a biography of her mother, was published from Penguin Random House in November 2019.

6. Paul Catafago

Paul Catafago is a New York-born Palestinian spoken word poet who has performed in venues around the world. Catafago currently lives in New Orleans, where he is the director of Mosaic Culture Project, a non-profit arts organization. He is working on his first book, Collateral Damage and Other Love Poems. 

Moderator: Ashwani Kumar, Poet, Professor TISS Mumbai

"Mirroring Aesthetics and Critical Theory": 9 pm to 10pm

1. Andrew T. Lamas

Faculty, Urban Studies Program / School of Arts & Sciences. Faculty, Graduate Programs / School of Social Policy & Practice. Affiliated Faculty, Center for Africana Studies / School of Arts & Sciences. Core Faculty, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies / School of Arts & Sciences, University of Pennsylvania


2. Craig Leonard

Craig Leonard is an artist and associate professor at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where he teaches courses in performance and process-based work. In 2019, he published the script/transcript The Halifax Conference with New Documents (Los Angeles).  He is currently preparing a manuscript for publication on Herbert Marcuse's aesthetics titled Instinctual Critique: Aesthetics After Marcuse.


3. Savita Singh

Recipient of Hindi Academy Award, Raza Award and Mahadevi Varma Award for poetry, Savita Singh is an eminent poet, short story writer and a reputed political theorist writing. She has a bilingual collection of poems, Rowing Together (Hindi and English).


4. Imaculada Kangussu

Imaculada Kangussu is professor of aesthetics and philosophy of art at the Instituto de Filosofia, Artes e Cultura of the Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, in Brazil. She is the author of Sobre Eros (About Eros, 2007), Leis da Liberdade (Laws of Freedom, 2008), and A Fantasia e as Fantasias (The Fantasy and the Fantasies, 2020). Her current research is on the juncture between pandemic and pandemonium. She serves on the board of the International Herbert Marcuse Society.


 Moderator: Savita Singh


10th January 2021

Plenary Session -- Poetry from Odisha "Rains, Rivers, & Rainbows": 11:30 am to 1 pm  

1. Bijay Upadhyay


2. Pitambar Tarai


3. Pravasini Mahakud


4. Banshidhar Choudhury


5. Swapna Mishra


6. Gayatribala Panda


7. Chirashree Indrasing


8. Pritidhara Samal


9. Rohini Banerjee

Moderator: Ashutosh Parida / Bijay Upadhyay 

"Siesta in the East": 4 pm to 5:15 pm

1. Kiriti Sengupta

Kiriti Sengupta is the editor-in-chief of the Ethos Literary Journal (ELJ). He is also a translator and publisher from Calcutta and Delhi. He has been awarded the 2018 Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize for his contribution to literature. Sengupta has published eleven books of poetry and prose, two books of translation, and edited seven anthologies. His poems have been published at The Florida Review Online (Aquifer), The Common, Amethyst Review, Ink Sweat and Tears, Headway Quarterly, Moria Online, among other places. For more, visit:

2. Rabindra K Swain

Rabindra K Swain (1960) has five books of poems, the latest being This House is not for Knowing. His fifth book of translation of Odia poetry is Sourindra Barik's Intimate as the Sky, published by Sahitya Akademi. He is Managing Editor of the literary magazine Chandrabhaga.

3. Subodh Sarkar

Subodh Sarkar, born in 1958, is a noted Indian Bengali poet, editor, translator and Associate Professor in English at City College, Calcutta University. His first book of poems was published in the late 70s and now he has 29 books to his credit- 26 books of poems, 2 translations and one travelogue on America. Critics find his poetry "incisive, provocative, satiric, manipulative, and most of all, entertainingly contemporary". He is a recipient of the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award.

4. Sharmila Roy

.Sharmila Roy is a poet and non-fiction essayist, writing in English and anthologized and featured in India and abroad. She is an Associate Professor of History at City College, Kolkata. She has authored nine books of poetry. Her poems have been translated into Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Slovene, Spanish, Uzbeck. She has received awards for poetry from Green Tara Initiatives, 2018, All India Qaumi Ekta Manch, 2019, Ethos Journal 2019.


5. Robin Nagangom

A bilingual poet Robin Singh Ngangom writes in English and Meiteilon. A lyric poet and translator of long standing, he is a significant presence in the literature of North-eastern India & Indian poetry in general. Presently, a professor of English at North Eastern Hill University Shillong, he is the Editor of New Frontiers, a journal of the Northeast Writers' Forum, Guwahati, and is nominating editor for Manipuri for Katha Translation Awards, New Delhi. He was conferred with Katha Award for Translation in 1999.

6. Aparna Mohanty

Author of 13 poetry books, Aparna Mohanty is a widely celebrated feminist voice in Odisha literature and her works have been translated into various languages. Winner of the Odisha Sahitya Academy award and professor-emeritus of Odia literature, Aparna Mohanty has also published four translations and three books of criticisms.

7. Bina Sarkar Elias

Bina Sarkar Ellias is a hopeless dreamer. A poet, fiction-writer, art curator, she is founder-editor-designer-publisher of International Gallerie, the global arts and ideas journal, since 1997. Her book of poems FUSE has been taught at Towson University, US. Her third book of poems is scheduled for release in December 2020. Amongst other awards she received the Times Group Yami Women Achievers’ Award, 2008.

Moderator-Satyam Shukla

"Dragons, Elephants & Butterflies": 5:15 pm to 6:30 pm

1. Kavi Yakoob

 Kavi Yakoob is a Telugu poet, researcher, and writer living in Hyderabad. He got doctorate in Telugu Literature from Osmania University. He has five collections of poems. 'Pravahinche Gnaapakam' (1992), 'Sarihaddu Rekha', (2002), 'Yedategani Prayaanam' (2009)  'Nadeemoolam laanti Aa yillu' (2016) and "Teegala Chinta" ( 2019). Arc of unrest, a collection of selected poems in English translated by Vegunta Mohan prasad and others with the source text in Telugu(2000). Edited  five books and has authored three books on Literary Criticism, honored with several awards over the years.Also founder of 'Kavisangamam', a Telugu Poetry forum and 'Rottamaku Revu Poetryspace Foundation (RRPF)'. Retired in March 2020 as Associate Professor in Telugu and joined as a Principal in Mumtaz Degree & PG College, Hyderabad.


2. Mamta Sagar

 Mamta Sagar is a noted Kannada poet and translator from Bengaluru. She delves into the sounds and music innate to Kannada. As a transdisciplinary artist she uses multimedia and multilingual tools in her poetry performances. Actively involved with international translation projects, she teaches creative writing. Mamta facilitates poetry/translation workshops internationally.

3. Rochelle Potkar

Fictionist, Poet, Critic, Curator, Editor, Translator, Screenwriter. Rochelle Potkar’s poetry film Skirt features on Shonda Rhimes’ Shondaland. Paper Asylum, a book of haibun was shortlisted for the Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize 2020. Bombay Hangovers, her short story collection is due soon.


4. Hemant Divate

Hemant Divate is a Marathi poet, editor, publisher and translator. Poetrywala has recently published his Struggles with Imagined Gods and Other Poems (new translations). He has a book each in Spanish, Irish, Arabic, German and Estonian apart from four in English. Hemant changed Marathi literary scene through his little magazine Abhidha Nantar and Indian English poetry scene through Poetrywala

5. Nabina Das

Nabina Das’s Sanskarnama has been mentioned as one of the best poetry books of 2018 (OPEN Magazine). Born and brought up in Guwahati, Assam, Nabina's other poetry collections are Into the Migrant City, and Blue Vessel. Nabina writes and translates into English, Assamese and Bengali.

6. Anju Makhija

A poet, playwright and translator, Anju has written 3 poetry collections; co-translated Seeking the Beloved,the mystical verse of Shah Abdul Latif ; co-edited 3 anthologies related to partition, women and young readers.  Her plays have been staged in India and abroad. Anju's awards include The Sahitya Akademi English Translation Prize (‘11). She has been on the English Advisory Board of the Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, for 5 years.

7. Santosh Alex

Dr. Santosh translates post colonial literature in English, Hindi and Malayalam. He is enriching Indian Literature by means of translation for the past 16 years and has introduced more than 50 writers from five different languages to English, Hindi and Malayalam . He has 9 books in Hindi and One in English in translation which includes Shuruateim (poetry of K Satchidanandan), Dehanthar (poetry of Savithri Rajeevan), Samakaleen Malayalam Kahaniyam (Hindi translation of Malayalam stories) , Aligarh ka kaidi (short novel of Punathil Kunhabdullah.) and kavita ka girna (Travel poems of K.Satchidanandan)

Moderator- Anupriya Khare

"Ants Walking Back Home" - Lockdown Poetry: 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm 

1. Nasim Basiri


Nasim Basiri is an Iranian poet and researcher. Her poetry has appeared in several literary publications, including North of Oxford, Atunis Poetry, and Oregon’s Best Emerging Poets 2019 Anthology.Nasim is currently working on a poetry collection “The Beheaded South” and an anthology of Contemporary Iranian Resistance Poetry. She is a regular contributor to Atunis Poetry, an online platform for translation and publication of marginalized poetry across the world. As a scholar, her research is focused but not limited to the history of gendered violence in contemporary Iran, literary and artistic resistance, gendered violence and genocide, and queering classical Persian poetry.

2. Liu Hongbin

Hongbin Liu was born in China, and was active in the democracy movement of the 1980s. He arrived in London in September 1989. His work includes poetry, criticism, short stories, and translation of western poetry into Chinese. Index on Censorship wrote that he “has continued to compose in his own language and has actively promoted contemporary Chinese literature in the West. Poetry has always been his chief love.



3. Nadell Fishman

Nadell Fishman is a poet who lives and writes in central Vermont. Ms Fishman taught writing and literature for twenty years in Vermont College’s Adult Degree Program. Her poetry collections include Drive and At Work in the Bridal Industry

4. Vinita Agrawal

Vinita Agarwal is an award-winning author of four books of poetry. Her work has been widely published and anthologised. She curates literary programs for PEN Mumbai. She is on the advisory board of the Tagore literary prize. Currently, she is running a blog on climate change poems on her website.



5. E.V. Ramakrishnan

E.V. Ramakrishnan is a bilingual writer in Malayalam and English. His works combine brilliant linguistics and lyrical wit, from topics that are deeply personal to the more widely metaphorical. He has received the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award (1995) and Vaikhari Award of T.Bhaskaran Memorial Trust (2018). He has four poetry volumes in English, the most recent being, Terms of Seeing: New and Selected Poems (2006) and Tips for Living in an Expanding Universe (2018).

6.  AJ Thomas

A. J. Thomas (born 10 June 1952) is an Indian poet writing in English. He is an acclaimed translator of poetry, fiction, drama and non-fiction prose from his mother tongue Malayalam. He was the editor of Indian Literature, the bimonthly English journal of Sahitya Akademi (India's National Academy of Letters) until 10 August 2010.

7. Anis Uz Zaman

Poet, Writer and Academic

Moderator: Chandrabhanu Pattanayak

"Ode to Niyamgiri- Revelation & Revolution": 7:45 pm to 9 pm

1. Ashutosh Parida


2. Basudev Sunani


3. Saroj


4. Kedar Mishra


5. Hemanta Dalpati

6. Kanak Mahakud

7. Pabitra Mohan Dash


Moderator: Kedar Mishra

"Homo Sapiens or Dinosaurs- Reimagining Post- Covid- World": 9 pm to 9:45 pm

1. Charles Reitz

Moderator : Prof. Manoranjan Mohanty & Prof Savita Singh

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