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Helping The Community

IKS is working towards making education meaningful, contextualized, fun and interesting. Therefore, it promotes and with a strong focus on . IKS does not promote mass skilling of youth to create labour force for large corporate houses. Instead it intends to nurture multiple intelligences in an individual and make them self-sufficient through education and skill development.

  • IKS has developed 4 media and entertainment skill courses and 40 instructional videos in English and Odia.

  • IKS is keen on designing and implementing educational solutions for tribal children impacted due to COVID-19.

  • IKS engages in building capacity of teachers, employability trainers and vocational trainers

  • IKS will undertake skills up-gradation and local value addition in traditional skills, to link indigenous arts, crafts and other knowledge and traditional livelihoods to the market economy, sustainably.

  • IKS prepares instructional/ learning materials in Tribal languages for use in Tribal schools and vocational training institutes

  • IKS enhances communication and life skills for improving opportunities for employment, job retention and better cultural integration.

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