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One Step at a Time

IKS focusses on academic and action research related to all of its focus areas, namely, education, skill development, livelihoods, entrepreneurship, employability, technology impact, health, nutrition, art and culture of indigenous peoples.

  • IKS Collaborates with academic institutions of international repute and multilateral organizations to carry out primary and secondary research related to its focus areas.

  • IKS will undertake research on

    • Digital inclusion/exclusion to determine its impact on indigenous societies.

    • Cross-community fertilization of knowledge systems.

  • IKS also engages in impact evaluation, monitoring and evaluation of various developmental interventions carried out by NGOs and CSOs

  • IKS provides research grants to young practitioners and academicians in the areas listed above. 

  • IKS undertakes student exchange programs, including cross cultural immersion and research programs in and amongst indigenous communities

  • Recently, IKS completed a research project, in collaboration with Centurion University of Technology and Management, on the Use of Smart phone/mobile phones among Youth of five tribal communities of Odisha.

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